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Registration for Spring 2023 Workshops are OPEN!
All our workshops are 100% outside & place-based. These programs utilize public lands - parks, trail systems and green spaces. Each workshop is designed with a unique craft or that layers in pieces from nature or a practical outdoor topic we are passionate about. We will do all the prep work and clean up - all you have to do is show up!  It is fundamental to us to provide a space for everyone to express their creativity through a balance of structure, choice and play with experienced instructors who facilitate opportunities to learn. Bigger courses aren't the right fit for everyone so we are committed to having small groups to provide the most fun and individualized attention. 
  • Explore the magic of indigo dye!

    60 US dollars
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Preparing Kids for Winter Activities

How to stay comfortable, safe & happy outside during winter months

Time outside is... Growth mindset. Movement. Mood boosting. Whole body health. Balance. Not a screen. Development. Social skills. 

And it's just as vital for kids in the winter as it is in the summer. Yet kids spend, on average, less than 10 minutes per day outside. It is our goal that by sharing what we know and practice, we may break down some of those barriers to getting kids outside in the winter. 

Effie of Maine Outdoor Kids and Jill of Outdoor Movement Project discuss how to prepare yourself and children for fun outdoor experiences in winter months. 

By curating a carefully designed & positive attitude towards daily outdoor excursions, you can feel more confident venturing outside so it becomes part of your daily routine. 

  • Preparing for outdoor activities with proper clothing, footwear and layering techniques

  • Which clothing pieces are worth investing in, and which are great to thrift

  • How to take care of your winter clothing & gear so it lasts a long time

  • Managing body temperature during cold weather

  • The influence you can have by setting a positive tone

  • How much time outside is appropriate in the winter?

  • Creating a pep talk to build your child's confidence

  • Why reflections afterwards are important

  • Fueling & sustaining energy during activities: what foods & drinks to choose

  • The developmental benefits of working through the tough moments

  • Techniques for motivating your child

  • How to build an "emergency kit" to have on hand for meltdowns

  • Downloadable PDF resources (found below)

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