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Registration for Summer 2023 is now OPEN!
Our summer camps are 100% place-based, meaning they all are mobile programs that utilize public lands - parks, trail systems and green spaces. Each day (Monday-Thursday) we visit a new location within 20 minutes of Portland, uniquely chosen for their trail conditions, woods or waterfront to explore and more. It is fundamental to us to provide a space for kids to grow - emotionally, socially & creatively. During Mountain Bike Camps we strive to find the balance between time on the bike: technical skill building, riding the trails, skills drills & bike talk with unstructured play and games off the bike with experienced instructors who facilitate opportunities to learn. Bigger camps aren't the right fit for every child, so we're committed to keeping small groups (8 children) with multiple instructors to provide the most fun and growth potential. 
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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