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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you don't have a physical location, where do programs take place?

All of our programs and clinics utilize local public lands, parks or trail systems within a 20-minute radius of Portland. We feel that this approach allows both staff and families involved to learn about and appreciate outdoor recreation opportunities right here in Southern Maine. For each program, parents will be provided a detailed itinerary with directions to each day or week's location. 

How large are the groups? How many staff are with each group?

Group sizes range from 6-12 depending on the program. We generally have a ratio of one guide for every 4-6 children.

Can my child do drop-in days?

Typically for week-long or multi-week After School Programs or Outdoor Education Sessions, we do not allow for drop-in. If you are interested in a certain program but your child is unable to attend the entire session for any reason, please get in touch with us

What does my child need to bring with them?

Every program is different depending on the season, weather forecast and planned activities. No matter what the program, we make sure to communicate directly with you and provide a packing list. For most day programs, families are responsible for packing a lunch, waterbottle, appropriate clothing and footwear, and sunscreen in a comfortably fitting backpack (preferably a hiking-specific bag). Biking programs are typically what require the most specific equipment - we ask that you bring a safe & functioning bike, helmet and small hydration pack if your child's bike doesn't have a bottle cage on it. As our programs grow, we intend to acquire more equipment to be able to provide that for participating families.

What if my child doesn't have the right equipment for certain activities? 

Our goal is to make these outdoor activities accessible for all children. We will not exclude anyone if they do not have the appropriate equipment. If you do not have something mentioned on the packing list, please get in touch with us immediately. Whether it's a bike, backpack, or hiking shoes, we will help connect you with the Maine Outdoor Kids community that normally has equipment available to give or borrow. 

What if my child has allergies or needs to take medication during the day?

Please note this on your registration form. If your child has an allergy and carries an epipen, we ask that you provide us with one during the duration of the program. Every staff member has been properly trained in the administration of an epipen. Please bring any specific medications your child needs to take on first day of the program with any special instructions. We ask that staff hold on to all medications to ensure your child receives their medications on time and protect their privacy. 

Do you offer transportation?

For after school programs instructors pick up groups at school and walk as a a group to basecamp. We see this as a time for kids to decompress from the day, catch up with friends and to reset before a fun afternoon outside! We are not currently able to help with rides to camps, clinics or workshops but we are always happy to help facilitate carpools! 

My child's school is not on the list- can they still attend?

YES! While we only offer pickup from Longfellow, Ocean, Presumpscot and Lincoln, kids from other schools are always welcome. For specific questions about timing with pickup/drop off please contact us!

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