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Individualized lessons to improve your fundamental skills and confidence. 


Private lessons are designed to help YOU progress your skills on a mountain bike, at your pace and comfort. We offer 2 hour+ lessons for ages 5 and up, either 1:1 or 1:2, bring a friend at no additional cost. Adults, you too! All ages and abilities are welcome. Lessons are available April through November. 


All private lessons are taught by Effie (she/her), who is a PMBIA Certified MTB Coach, Wilderness First Responder and processes a depth of knowledge about Southern Maine trails. Locations for lessons are determined based on the skills the student wants to focus on, trail conditions, and where the student lives - we want to teach you on YOUR local trails.


The major benefit of a private session is that YOU decide what you want to learn, how much time you would like to spend and what you are working to accomplish. We instruct levels from beginner to intermediate single track.


After completing a bike setup & inspection and talking through trail safety and etiquette, students will utilize skills drills & demos to practice proper technique. After that, we will hit the trails to apply what you have learned. Some goals you may have that you want to cover in your private session: efficiency climbing, advanced braking, cornering, drops & rollers, steep terrain, tackling more technical roots & rocks, maneuvers such as wheel lifts, dismounts & restarts, switchbacks or berms, descending, choosing lines and vision.


Lessons are a minimum of 2hrs. Please reach out if you’d like to schedule additional time. Please prepare to come to your lesson with a well-functioning bike, helmet, at least 12oz of water and snacks.

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